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VXLAN and GNS3!!!

This isn’t going to be a super long blog post, but I just wanted to quickly add my recent videos :-).

Install CSR1000v into Virtualbox, and integrating with GNS3


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  1. thanks Jon for Merry Chrismas
    Happy new year now 😉
    I made this simulation
    but i have a problem…
    he wrote : Yet another point of interest is that to configure VXLAN related commands your CSR1000V should have the premium license

    when i do :
    Router#show platform hardware throughput level
    The current throughput level is 100 kb/s
    Router#show license detail
    % Error: No licenses found

    do you think i can't test vxlan with evaluation csr1000V ?

  2. I Jon I'm using csr1000v-packages-universalk9.03.11.00.S.154-1.S-std in GNS3/Vbox but the vxlan commands aren't supported. Is there anything that has to be enabled first before starting the vxlan config? Thanks

  3. Thanks for replying. Do you happen to have any of those images? Those images aren't under any of the contracts associated with my CCO.

  4. I had really good luck with BGP signaled VPLS, and there's so many commonalities between VXLAN and VPLS, so it's definitely crossed my mind. However, I've been so incredibly focused on Security these days I haven't had the chance to sit down and work it all out… yet.

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